Jumping words


Working my way through negative space to see the positive.image


“Hey Scout, how are you? Look at this, I brought this bone for you.”

“Hi Bobo. Nice, thanks. Linda got some snacks for us too.
What a great morning. I want to have breakfast with you every day.”

Let’ s fly

Let’s fly to the sun, how much fun
We can say hi and show her that we can fly
What else is up there in the sky?
Let us discover before life gets rougher and we grow up
and slowly start to forget about the stories we see in the sky

falsely accused of cheating

The teacher drew me into the classroom to ask me some questions which made me feel uneasily, furthermore she also put a share look on her face which should give me a dread but instead of being scared, I sat down in front of her and sprawled out my legs to show her that I am even-tempered and decided to just listen without making any smart remarks.

The mirror and I

I got up this morning and the first thing I saw, my frowzy clothes were
spread out all over my room. “Who cares, this is irrelevant!”. I said out loud,
“I am not a disheveled person, am I?” I  was talking to myself in the mirror
and a radiant smile reflected back at me. No, I will not disparage myself
for that. “How weird, finding myself talking to myself in the mirror, haha….
Whatever! Better to be a little crazy than dull! No, this is not maddening!
I abandoned the thoughts I was about to say and started to clean up. There is
a lot to do today and later I will be mad at myself for being lazy!